Filling materials

There are two types of fillings.Natural and synthetic.

Natural materials

1. Goose down or feathers.

Very soft and flexible to be adapted in the neck and back because the material moves freely inside the cover.

2. Silk cotton.

A 100% natural material derived from the plant Kapok. Soft and cool in summer.


The well known cotton.

3. Latex

Flexible material that facilitates ventilation. The material is foamed, solidified rubber that occurs after special treatment of the juice of latex tree. Considered 100% natural product.

Synthetic materials


The most common and economical type of soft fillings less from natural materials, but it is a wash solution if you suffer from allergies.

2.Memory foam

A material with a memory that eliminates the pressure from neck and head and relaxes the muscles.100% hypoallergenic.


Material only pads for mattresses and furniture.

4.Afrolex crumbs

For furniture cushions and floor pillows.

* All bags are 100% cotton.
* The filling can be varied depending on your needs


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